Writing Original Digital Music

Composing a truly original track is not that easy, as it seems that almost every interesting melody has already been used at some stage. This is even more difficult if you use lyrics and live vocals in your music.


You will write the lyrics as well as compose the melody. You need to make sure that every note mixes well with what you have written. As a composer, you should consider who your listeners are, as well as what genre you are really into like pop, rock, jazz, ballad, alternative, or reggae.  Songs hit the charts now because the singer is popular and loved by many music lovers. We can’t say that their songs are that magnificent, but maybe they just have appeal to the crowd that makes them popular.

Some music companies also prepare a good marketing strategy for their songs or music albums. They make sure that the lyrics will be easy to understand and will hook the people who will listen to it. Radio stations and even TV gusting are arranged to release the music and introduce the song to the public. They need to share and sell it to the crowd.

How the Professionals Roll

Professional composers play a big part on the radio and pop songs that we hear. Of course, they are the ones who made it from scratch to finish. They say it’s a gift, but have you ever tried making one song just to try if you can compose? Technology has offered us many tools and support to make things possible.

There are music tools that are found online or even in music store that we can really use to make our first song. Dedication is the key. We need to learn that software to be able to produce one. Even if you don’t have instruments, that software has various sounds or instrument that you can use to develop a song. There’s no harm in trying and will be good enough for you to learn something new.

Make it Genuine

Writing a song comes from the heart, most composers say. You need to feel the emotions you are trying to write down. Feel your soul making its melody. Again a song is sung from the heart. If you will not have a real connection with the song then maybe it will be hard for you to connect that song to the listeners. We can testify that some singers who are not that great were popular now with their songs because they can connect with their audience, aside to the mere fact that their songs can easily be followed by the crowd.

Anyone can write a song and anyone can try making a melody. Even a four year old kid can make its own version of a song, right? Tools and ideas are already there to help you start. You just need to be confident and feel the music in you. Remember that most composers have a lot of song collections. Some hit the charts, some don’t. You must not focus on the song hitting the charts. Rather you need to make sure that something will come out that you will be proud of.