Morfiki MassTurboTar

The goal of getting your hands on a synth is to be able to create unique sounds that will almost have a “signature” in your tracks. The idea is to be able to morph your sound into something different than what “everybody else” is doing. That is why we have decided to talk about Morfiki that does what the name suggests…morphs sound.

Once more making the list of the Top Free VSTi synths Morfiki gives the user ample space to tweak and turn a he or she chooses. This synthesizer is a hybrid in nature that focuses on giving you the ability to morph your sound into something different by giving Morfiki subsets. This is basically a “preset to the Preset” if you will. With the morph knob you can jump between these presets without even breaking a digital sweat.

Let’s see what this morphic VSTi has to offer us:

  • FM Modulation
  • Morfiki subsets to be able to manipulate your sound to your exact musical need
  • Oscillator waveforms (It has a couple that when you apply the morph knob you’ll see just how versatile this hybrid really is)
  • GUI is very understandable and user friendly
  • Moderate CPU usage

In essence this is one of those synths you’ll want to play around with for a while just to discover exactly what you can do with it. It seems that Morfiki truly attempts to put full sound manipulation in the hands of their users and allows you to run free with your creativity. The moderate CPU usage allows you to even go a step further by layering effects while still being able to use its morphing abilities.

My Honest Opinion:

In the world of VSTis you want to obtain versatility and low CPU usage in order to create complex sounds. Morfiki MassTurboTar gives power back into the hands of producers of all genres and allows you to run free with your creativity. Another plus is that the developer has been adding a few things to the software and his blog will give you a more in depth look at the GUI. You can visit his blog at morfiki.blogspot to check out some videos the developer has made on his synth.

One thing that was a downer when checking out this synth was the fact that it only had 64 presets which definitely puts some sort of limit on what you can do. But even though the program still lacks in presets, the power given to the user allows you to stretch those presets to the limit. If we were to only calculate the presets with the subsets we can at least get 300+ different “presets” but if we would take a more intense calculation it could be thousands. The fact of the matter is that the presets are “morphable” with the subsets which if you are a creative individual can give you much more control over the sound that you want.

This hybrid synth is definitely a world of fun and will probably consume hours of your life as you experiment with it. This isn’t the best synth out there but it did turn some heads in 2009 as it was placed 2nd best synth in the KVR Audio developer challenge. Definitely something you’ll want to add to your collection.