KX-Synth x16 V3

As a music producer you always aim to acquire VST’s that will broaden your scope of production. You search for versatility and uniqueness in every instrument you obtain. Some synths lack this versatility and can only produce a limited spectrum of “tweaks” whereas others allow you to twist and tweak until your blue in the face. The latter generally appeals to more creative minds.

The KX-Synth-X16-V3 is just that, a creative synth that allows you to do tons of neat little things to create a sound that is truly unique. Sound manipulation is incredibly simply with this synth as almost every dial and button does something to the synth. You can create perfectly new unique sounds in no time just moving knobs around.

But that isn’t the most impressive thing about the X16. The presets have been manufactured to work on the X16 without a problem and will give great joy to your eardrums. Also since the synth was inspired by the EMS VCS3 you’ll hear that vintage sound we all crave.

Let’s see what the synth has:

  • 3 variable shape oscillators
  • Noise generator
  • 128 perfectly synced presets
  • Very unique synth architecture

There were some bugs with Midi CC automation where some of the knobs and pins didn’t respond properly but that all has been fixed now. Now you can hardwire this VST into your midi and do live sets like you’ve never done before. There is a lot of free space to be creative and you’ll probably lose a few nights sleep figuring it out.

This synth isn’t the easiest one out there so newbies beware. I’m not saying don’t download it, all I’m saying is that when you first open it you’ll probably stop for a second and scratch your head. It does take some time to really get used to it but once you have it under your wing you’ll be making sounds you never dreamed of.

The Hard Truth:

The X16 is by far one of the top contenders in the semi modular synth and is a great VST Download. There is one downside to the synth however. The CPU usage is quite big but there are options to have a lighter version. The author has been working on this issue so in the future all that might be a thing in the past.

This synth definitely will appeal to a broad spectrum of producers and creative minds alike. The sheer versatility of this synth and the wide space for sound manipulation makes it a “must have” in your VSTi arsenal. Even though the GUI is complicated it still can do the trick and if you find yourself completely in the dark just start turning things and you’ll soon realize that you don’t necessarily “have to know” what everything does to make music. Obviously if you brush up on a couple of tutorials you’ll be able to really take your sounds to the next level.

The point is that this synth; has great potential in the right hands and if you are one of those producers that want to have infinite options in your sound production by all means get it. You’ll have loads of fun discovering new realms within the sonic universe.