Kool Keys – Piano One Plugin

Getting a good free piano VSTi is not always the easiest thing to do. A lot of developers offer you the heavens in hopes that you would use their VSTi, but a lot of time the sound of the piano just has that digital feel to it. Piano One, unlike Synth1 is a fairly small program that only focuses on piano.

Even though you won’t get a huge selection in what type of piano you could use, you do have a lot of options when it comes to sound manipulation. You won’t have a problem connecting this VSTi to the Midi controller of your choice and since it is so small, you will be able to create complex scores in no time.

The developers are currently working on a Mac version, but up to date there is only a PC version available. Please don’t try to compare this VSTi with ones that you have to pay for, and in fact in the world of the free VSTi’s this isn’t even the best. But what does make it something that you would like to add to your collection is the extremely low CPU usage, which means that if you are using your CPU on some other VSTi, you would have no problem adding this one into the mix.  So let’s take a closer look to what this Free VSTi has inside:

  • Small hardrive footprint
  • Professional Reverb
  • Soundboard
  • Sound Magic Hybrid Modeling Technology
  • Three pedals

I’m not saying that you can go completely bonkers with this virtual instrument, but what I am saying is that for a functional, good sounding VSTi, you won’t be going wrong with Piano One.


I always believe that it is a great idea to have a wide range of pianos in your arsenal, and at times when you are doing a heavy production you need to have “lighter alternatives”. This is definitely the case with Piano One, as the sound quality is very good and the CPU usage is very low. You won’t even notice that you have it loaded, that’s how small it is.

The VSTi has very little problem connecting to Midi controllers and has absolutely zero delay which makes it a jewel for live performances. For being a free VSTi I was very surprised at how well it actually sounds and know that anyone who plays around with it will quickly realize that as well.

I wouldn’t expect producers with a higher level of professionalism to jump for joy over this VSTi, but I do see a bunch of beginners and intermediate producers really using the crap out of this one, especially if you have a low CPU limit.

Nonetheless this is a very recommendable starter VSTi that will show you the basics of the world of Virtual instruments. The greatest thing about having this baby in your arsenal is that there is absolutely no risk involved, if you like it keep it…and if you don’t you won’t even have to delete it since it hardly takes up any space at all. I personally found the sound to be refreshing in the world of free VSTis, yet I still don’t think it competes with more professional and “expensive” VSTi’s out there. If you’re trying to save a buck and want a good piano, get Piano One…if you have money…rather invest into something with more versatility.