Download the Ultimate Dubstep VST Bundle to Produce Modern Tracks

The VSTi plugin market has been recently flooded with newcomers, due to the once secret knowledge required to create these tools, finally being shared by some of the experts. Let’s not get this wrong, some of what is being commercially released is not of value to anyone.

Seeing as though almost everyone you meet these days is producing their own music on some kind of DAW, the one thing that stops most mortals from being on the same level as those who reap millions from the game, is their ability to utilize the potentially powerful plugins.

“Bomdrop” has recently been released to the market, which is one of those packages that will take amateurs and experienced engineers alike, to the next level.  The easy, pre-automated options within this powerful little plugin, proves that all levels of experience can create that ever-popular Dubstep wobble bass and glitch insanity.


Download Bom Drop from their website. Blue link underneath:


It wasn’t that long ago that you would only hear the awesome insanity, which is Dubstep wobble and glitch, in Dubstep and sub-genres alone. Now that sound is everywhere and is fast becoming the norm for it to appear somewhere in most styles of music. Whether is be a Dubstep style half-time breakdown, or the simple bass sound itself, this sound surely has cemented itself in contemporary music and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

The BomDrop Bundle is a great fit for anyone heading down the same road as EDM is currently going. It seems that this really is in a class of it’s own as far as the pain it saves the user, when you are using multiple plugins to manipulate one sound, or applying them to several elements of your track.  Almost everything can be done with this one pack.

The technical production elements such as LFO automation and pitch control issues which can take some people a long time to learn, can be circumvented with the Bomdrop. It has what we have termed “pre-fab” sounds and loops, so anyone can program the comprehensive Dubstep sound, with relative ease.



Favorite Features of Bomdrop:

  • No shipping involved, you download the Plugin off their site
  • Smooth operating Mac and PC compatible plugins
  • Hundreds of pre-made loops, samples and sounds for Dubstep production
  • Quickest and Simplest Plugin to create the newage EDM sound
  • Extensive experience not required

In addition to the Main Plugin, the whole download package consists of:


3 x Bomdrop Sample Packs – As a limited bonus, Bomdrop state that they are giving customers every single sound that is built into the VST, as separate .wav files.  There is over 1700 loops, wobbles, kicks, snares, FX etc etc. I’m sure you all have folder after folder of sounds and samples, but this means you will never need any more ever again. Possibly the largest (not to mention diverse) collections of drum kits, instrument sounds, samples and loops you can get in one place.

Versions for multiple OS – If you happen to use both Mac AND Windows machines, then you will love the fact that you can get both versions for no extra cost. There is up to four separate licences that you will be entitled to when you buy the plugin.

Live performers and studio-heads all know that we do need to spend money on some tools, as the free, professional studio, just does not exist. Having said that, for the measly price tag they have put on the launch version of this Bundle, I would suggest that most of you grab it while you can. (The video on the website can be a little irritating, but we must look past that!)

In closing, the Bomdrop Package has definitely set a new standard, or even created a whole new “genre” of plugin, as almost anyone with any basic DAW skills can produce professional sounding Dubstep and EDM elements with ease. Have a look at their homepage for more information. Use this link here to go to


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Kool Keys – Piano One Plugin

Getting a good free piano VSTi is not always the easiest thing to do. A lot of developers offer you the heavens in hopes that you would use their VSTi, but a lot of time the sound of the piano just has that digital feel to it. Piano One, unlike Synth1 is a fairly small program that only focuses on piano.

Even though you won’t get a huge selection in what type of piano you could use, you do have a lot of options when it comes to sound manipulation. You won’t have a problem connecting this VSTi to the Midi controller of your choice and since it is so small, you will be able to create complex scores in no time.

The developers are currently working on a Mac version, but up to date there is only a PC version available. Please don’t try to compare this VSTi with ones that you have to pay for, and in fact in the world of the free VSTi’s this isn’t even the best. But what does make it something that you would like to add to your collection is the extremely low CPU usage, which means that if you are using your CPU on some other VSTi, you would have no problem adding this one into the mix.  So let’s take a closer look to what this Free VSTi has inside:

  • Small hardrive footprint
  • Professional Reverb
  • Soundboard
  • Sound Magic Hybrid Modeling Technology
  • Three pedals

I’m not saying that you can go completely bonkers with this virtual instrument, but what I am saying is that for a functional, good sounding VSTi, you won’t be going wrong with Piano One.


I always believe that it is a great idea to have a wide range of pianos in your arsenal, and at times when you are doing a heavy production you need to have “lighter alternatives”. This is definitely the case with Piano One, as the sound quality is very good and the CPU usage is very low. You won’t even notice that you have it loaded, that’s how small it is.

The VSTi has very little problem connecting to Midi controllers and has absolutely zero delay which makes it a jewel for live performances. For being a free VSTi I was very surprised at how well it actually sounds and know that anyone who plays around with it will quickly realize that as well.

I wouldn’t expect producers with a higher level of professionalism to jump for joy over this VSTi, but I do see a bunch of beginners and intermediate producers really using the crap out of this one, especially if you have a low CPU limit.

Nonetheless this is a very recommendable starter VSTi that will show you the basics of the world of Virtual instruments. The greatest thing about having this baby in your arsenal is that there is absolutely no risk involved, if you like it keep it…and if you don’t you won’t even have to delete it since it hardly takes up any space at all. I personally found the sound to be refreshing in the world of free VSTis, yet I still don’t think it competes with more professional and “expensive” VSTi’s out there. If you’re trying to save a buck and want a good piano, get Piano One…if you have money…rather invest into something with more versatility.


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Morfiki MassTurboTar

The goal of getting your hands on a synth is to be able to create unique sounds that will almost have a “signature” in your tracks. The idea is to be able to morph your sound into something different than what “everybody else” is doing. That is why we have decided to talk about Morfiki that does what the name suggests…morphs sound.

Once more making the list of the Top Free VSTi synths Morfiki gives the user ample space to tweak and turn a he or she chooses. This synthesizer is a hybrid in nature that focuses on giving you the ability to morph your sound into something different by giving Morfiki subsets. This is basically a “preset to the Preset” if you will. With the morph knob you can jump between these presets without even breaking a digital sweat.

Let’s see what this morphic VSTi has to offer us:

  • FM Modulation
  • Morfiki subsets to be able to manipulate your sound to your exact musical need
  • Oscillator waveforms (It has a couple that when you apply the morph knob you’ll see just how versatile this hybrid really is)
  • GUI is very understandable and user friendly
  • Moderate CPU usage

In essence this is one of those synths you’ll want to play around with for a while just to discover exactly what you can do with it. It seems that Morfiki truly attempts to put full sound manipulation in the hands of their users and allows you to run free with your creativity. The moderate CPU usage allows you to even go a step further by layering effects while still being able to use its morphing abilities.

My Honest Opinion:

In the world of VSTis you want to obtain versatility and low CPU usage in order to create complex sounds. Morfiki MassTurboTar gives power back into the hands of producers of all genres and allows you to run free with your creativity. Another plus is that the developer has been adding a few things to the software and his blog will give you a more in depth look at the GUI. You can visit his blog at morfiki.blogspot to check out some videos the developer has made on his synth.

One thing that was a downer when checking out this synth was the fact that it only had 64 presets which definitely puts some sort of limit on what you can do. But even though the program still lacks in presets, the power given to the user allows you to stretch those presets to the limit. If we were to only calculate the presets with the subsets we can at least get 300+ different “presets” but if we would take a more intense calculation it could be thousands. The fact of the matter is that the presets are “morphable” with the subsets which if you are a creative individual can give you much more control over the sound that you want.

This hybrid synth is definitely a world of fun and will probably consume hours of your life as you experiment with it. This isn’t the best synth out there but it did turn some heads in 2009 as it was placed 2nd best synth in the KVR Audio developer challenge. Definitely something you’ll want to add to your collection.


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KX-Synth x16 V3

As a music producer you always aim to acquire VST’s that will broaden your scope of production. You search for versatility and uniqueness in every instrument you obtain. Some synths lack this versatility and can only produce a limited spectrum of “tweaks” whereas others allow you to twist and tweak until your blue in the face. The latter generally appeals to more creative minds.

The KX-Synth-X16-V3 is just that, a creative synth that allows you to do tons of neat little things to create a sound that is truly unique. Sound manipulation is incredibly simply with this synth as almost every dial and button does something to the synth. You can create perfectly new unique sounds in no time just moving knobs around.

But that isn’t the most impressive thing about the X16. The presets have been manufactured to work on the X16 without a problem and will give great joy to your eardrums. Also since the synth was inspired by the EMS VCS3 you’ll hear that vintage sound we all crave.

Let’s see what the synth has:

  • 3 variable shape oscillators
  • Noise generator
  • 128 perfectly synced presets
  • Very unique synth architecture

There were some bugs with Midi CC automation where some of the knobs and pins didn’t respond properly but that all has been fixed now. Now you can hardwire this VST into your midi and do live sets like you’ve never done before. There is a lot of free space to be creative and you’ll probably lose a few nights sleep figuring it out.

This synth isn’t the easiest one out there so newbies beware. I’m not saying don’t download it, all I’m saying is that when you first open it you’ll probably stop for a second and scratch your head. It does take some time to really get used to it but once you have it under your wing you’ll be making sounds you never dreamed of.

The Hard Truth:

The X16 is by far one of the top contenders in the semi modular synth and is a great VST Download. There is one downside to the synth however. The CPU usage is quite big but there are options to have a lighter version. The author has been working on this issue so in the future all that might be a thing in the past.

This synth definitely will appeal to a broad spectrum of producers and creative minds alike. The sheer versatility of this synth and the wide space for sound manipulation makes it a “must have” in your VSTi arsenal. Even though the GUI is complicated it still can do the trick and if you find yourself completely in the dark just start turning things and you’ll soon realize that you don’t necessarily “have to know” what everything does to make music. Obviously if you brush up on a couple of tutorials you’ll be able to really take your sounds to the next level.

The point is that this synth; has great potential in the right hands and if you are one of those producers that want to have infinite options in your sound production by all means get it. You’ll have loads of fun discovering new realms within the sonic universe.


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Writing Original Digital Music

Composing a truly original track is not that easy, as it seems that almost every interesting melody has already been used at some stage. This is even more difficult if you use lyrics and live vocals in your music.


You will write the lyrics as well as compose the melody. You need to make sure that every note mixes well with what you have written. As a composer, you should consider who your listeners are, as well as what genre you are really into like pop, rock, jazz, ballad, alternative, or reggae.  Songs hit the charts now because the singer is popular and loved by many music lovers. We can’t say that their songs are that magnificent, but maybe they just have appeal to the crowd that makes them popular.

Some music companies also prepare a good marketing strategy for their songs or music albums. They make sure that the lyrics will be easy to understand and will hook the people who will listen to it. Radio stations and even TV gusting are arranged to release the music and introduce the song to the public. They need to share and sell it to the crowd.

How the Professionals Roll

Professional composers play a big part on the radio and pop songs that we hear. Of course, they are the ones who made it from scratch to finish. They say it’s a gift, but have you ever tried making one song just to try if you can compose? Technology has offered us many tools and support to make things possible.

There are music tools that are found online or even in music store that we can really use to make our first song. Dedication is the key. We need to learn that software to be able to produce one. Even if you don’t have instruments, that software has various sounds or instrument that you can use to develop a song. There’s no harm in trying and will be good enough for you to learn something new.

Make it Genuine

Writing a song comes from the heart, most composers say. You need to feel the emotions you are trying to write down. Feel your soul making its melody. Again a song is sung from the heart. If you will not have a real connection with the song then maybe it will be hard for you to connect that song to the listeners. We can testify that some singers who are not that great were popular now with their songs because they can connect with their audience, aside to the mere fact that their songs can easily be followed by the crowd.

Anyone can write a song and anyone can try making a melody. Even a four year old kid can make its own version of a song, right? Tools and ideas are already there to help you start. You just need to be confident and feel the music in you. Remember that most composers have a lot of song collections. Some hit the charts, some don’t. You must not focus on the song hitting the charts. Rather you need to make sure that something will come out that you will be proud of. Check this link for more information.


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